About us

May 2019, we started our journey in opening our gaming store, shipping world wide, with warehouses located all across the globe!

Our goal? Well we have a few of those. We wanted of course to bring the coolest products to all gamer's, at the cheapest price. Also, help you guys in your gaming dreams! Whether its becoming as big streamer like Ninja, or being coming the champion of every single virtual drift comp you can get your hands on, to just have a few people watch your stream every day, we want to be there supporting you and helping you on your journey. Also want our store to be run by you guys! We are always taking advice from gamer's on what products they want, events to sponsor, the list goes on!

With a fast growing number of affiliates, from players getting a few views, to people getting thousands, we are there to help!

Its a tough crowd out there, but never give up. You will have toxic players tell you your trash, maybe even people making fun of you to everyone. You will definitely loose followers, some times more then what you gain! But our advise on that, don't even respond, not a word. I mean the whole reason you are here is because you love playing games! So do that, be friendly and enjoy the games you love playing. They will come!

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